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How to write an argumentative essay

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How to write an argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is unique in terms of structure and content. Obviously, it contains arguments which you might adhere to, but you can also present them objectively to the reader. You might have been asked to write an argumentative essay about some topic at least once in your academic career. The question is: how can I be argumentative? How can I organize my arguments? Of course, these inquiries are not surprising as they open a new horizion to the nitty-gritty of your argumentative essay.

Let’s say that your homework is an argumentative essay about technology. Try to stop and reflect on what you can write about technology. In this case many ideas are like to come to mind, namely the varied technological devices and how we use them in daily life. Jot down those ideas no matter how unrelated and dissected they are. Now that you started to draw the picture of your essay, you may want to consider narrowing down your focus asking yourself: am I going to talk about all technological devices? Of course not, but using certain devices as examples would show how knowledgeable and informed you are about your topic. At this stage, ask yourself the following question: how can I be argumentative about technology?

Absolutely, your argument should be contextually relevant and pragmatically appropriate, in the sense that your it cannot be about whether technology is delcious or not. Yet, writing about the extent to which technology is beneficial could make your essay outstanding and argumentative in nature. Absolutely, two poles are called into play, at this point, which are the pros and cons of technology. I cannot call my essay argumentative if I do not include concrete arguments. Hence, it should be made up of opposed views to the same object.

In this context, you may want to reveal your own point of view towards technology through the arguments you have included. In other words, you can merely talk about how others think that technology is harmful in multiple ways in the first part, and, in the subsequent section, you can state the opposing view that you and many others hold, which perceives technological devices as amazing tools that facilitate our life and render us happier.

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