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Emerging Markets, Inc

Emerging Markets, Inc.,   is a consulting firm that helps financial institutions and supermarket chains pursue business opportunities in low-income neighborhoods. Specifically, it:

  • Conducts market research, measuring underestimated consumer buying power or analyzing local financial behaviors and preferences.
  • Identifies branch or store locations, assisting with due diligence, real estate transactions, permitting, and expediting as needed.
  • Builds the business case for new supermarkets or bank branches, one that combines the corporation’s expectations and risk thresholds with neighborhood realities.
  • Lays out the appropriate mix of products and services for the trade area, helping to create new products or refine existing ones as need.
  • Hires and trains local employees who are familiar with neighborhood conditions and “centers of influence” in their community
  • Designs low-cost grassroots marketing strategies that tap into the natural associations and helping networks that exist in every community.
  • Improves the performance of the branch or store by enlisting trusted community groups that can drive customer traffic and instill new consumer behaviors

Emerging Markets
Development Corporation

Emerging Markets Development Corporation is a nonprofit that cultivates low-income neighborhoods as hospitable environments that can attract and retain financial institutions and supermarkets. Specifically, it:

  • Organizes residents to document their buying power through locally driven surveys, focus groups, grocery shopping logs, or financial diaries.
  • Mobilizes residents to make formal commitments or pledges to patronize a bank or grocery store that is opened in their neighborhood.
  • Provides technical assistance to local economic development corporations that endeavor to create new shopping centers or other commercial developments that could host banks or grocery stores.
  • Mounts neighborhood-wide financial education or home economics campaigns designed to better prepare residents as customers of local banks and grocery stores.
  • Creates support groups or peer-coaching programs that support residents in maintaining new behaviors – such as saving money or planning healthier meals – for the long-term.
  • Trains nonprofits and associations on what they need to do to be partners with financial institutions and supermarket chains.
  • Promotes public sector or philanthropic initiatives that incentivize bank or grocery store development in low-income neighborhoods.